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Russian Holidays

Tue, 01 May
Wed, 09 May
Sat, 12 May

The Labor Day

In July of 1889 the Paris Congress of II International has decided to make May, 1 the day of annual demonstrations. For the first time the International Workers Day was celebrated in 1890 in Austro-Hungary, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, USA, Norway, France, Sweden and several other countries.

For a long time May, 1 was the symbol of the Revolution and irreconcilable class struggle. This holiday is celebrated in 66 countries of the world.

1 May

The Victory Day

The day of The Soviet Union's Victory over the Fascist Germany in World War II still remains one of the most revered holidays in the former Soviet Union's countries.

9 May

World Nurse Day

On May, 12 it is celebrated the World Nurse Day. This holiday exists during more than hundred years, but it has become officially established only in 1971.

The Nurse Day is celebrated from the moment of association of nurses from 141 countries into the professional public organization "The International Nurses' Council".

In Russia this holiday is celebrated from 1993.

12 May

International Family Day

The International Family Day was established by the UN's General assembly in 1993. The establishing of this day means paying more attention of the societies of different countries to numerous family problems. 

15 May

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